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At Keolis, we take care of all passengers, even if they walk on four paws! Like Janet, who took care of a lonely dog travelling on its own on the metro in London. Now that’s a more enjoyable form of mobility.


4th June 2018, London

“People come and go on the Docklands Light Railway (DLR). Every day, our customer service officers (CSO) welcome and guide passengers, sharing short but valuable moments with them. Not a day goes by without a CSO coming back from their shift with a great story to tell.

©David Lee

Like the time there was a dog who travelled on the DLR network all alone, comfortably sitting itself down inside the first carriage of the autonomous metro.

When the CSO saw the dog, he remained very professional and asked the dog for its transport ticket, “Ticket please?”, adding that it would be best not to put its paws on the seat, out of respect for others. And guess what? The dog obeyed and followed the CSO up to our office, where he was given some water and dog biscuits until its owner arrived.

We don’t know from this story if the dog ended up taking a transport subscription or simply presented a ‘paw’ full of apologies. Whatever the case, this cute moment caused a buzz on the train that day, throughout the business and on social media. And there are many more stories just like that.

©David Lee

Another time there was a group of kids, transiting to London City Airport, who were desperate for a selfie with a pilot.

One of our CSOs, who knows this line like the back of his hand, played along. He showed them to the perfect spot to take pictures with planes in the background, and his face in the foreground, saying: “Just pretend I’m a pilot. With the uniform nobody will notice the difference.”

Shortly after, we received a tweet with a picture of the happy kids posing in front of the plane, with a special thanks to our CSO!

I could also tell you about a school group from which a little girl was chosen by one of our CSOs to announce the next station on the loud speaker. When she finally stammered “Cutty Sark for Maritime Greenwich,” the whole train was moved to tears.

There was also Jacob, the CSO also known as ‘Mr Smooth’, who made his announcements with a voice as velvety as Barry White: “Hey baby… It’s time to relaaaax, so treat yourself to a very hooooot, hot chocolate, on sale onboard this train.”

©David Lee

Then there was the time a poor old lady, completely lost among the 800,000 passengers on the network, a much larger number than usual due to the London marathon. I personally took her under my wing and we had a cup of tea in my office. I then took the train with her and walked her right up to her front door. I obviously can’t do that for every passenger, but I did it for her because she needed it.


Passengers have told us it themselves, and it’s become our signature. We’re all human beings, each unique in our own way, but united in our desire to provide a great service to our passengers. I would even go so far as to say that it’s not only part of our job, it’s what defines us.

So, we chose to write it all down in a document entitled Signature Service: delivering fantastic customer service for our passengers.

It’s more than just a commitment, it’s what we do on an everyday basis.


Janet S.
Customer Service Officer for KeolisAmey Docklands


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Employees at Keolis share the same values: We Imagine, We Care, We Commit. These values promote our approach and the key principles that guide our activities and behaviour.

A pioneer in shared mobility, Keolis places passengers at the heart of its service design and performance-focused approach, to provide customer satisfaction to millions of passengers every day. That’s what we did by developing Keolis Signature Service, to improve our customer service approach. It is part of our ‘Thinking like a Passenger’ strategy, redefining the notion of customer service and setting the standards for the future.


Find out more about our vision on passenger services: here.