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She said « yes »,
80m off the ground

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In order to allow Adrien enough time to ask for Lisa’s hand in marriage, we agreed to slow down the cable car they were travelling in. Now that’s a more enjoyable form of mobility.


20 February 2017: cable car in Brest

On 20 February 2017, we received an unusual email:

From: Adrien
To: Bibus customer service
Date: 02/20/2017 08:35:09

Subject: Cable car marriage proposal

After having spoken to the Bibus call centre, I am now writing to you to provide more details of my request.

I would like to propose to my future wife while travelling in the cable car. I should receive the engagement ring in the next two weeks, at the latest.

I would like to ask her at night, during the last cable car service. If possible, I would like to be alone in the cabin with her, and have the cable car stop for 5 minutes in the middle of the line, in order to make the most of the moment.

Thank you in advance for your positive response.


“In my 18 years of working in the transport industry, I’ve dealt with lots of people and come across many situations.

But not something like this. When I saw the request from the young man in love with his girlfriend, I was initially quite sceptical. Was it a practical joke, or just a hare-brained idea?

But then why not? Why not make a marriage proposal in a cable car, in the middle of the line? Once we had verified the facts, we realised we were dealing with a real romantic. Alone with his fiancée, just the two of them. All I needed in order to provide them with this unique moment was the approval of my manager.

“Of course for safety reasons it was impossible to stop the cable car in the middle of the line. But to reserve the cabin for two during the final evening service, and slow down the cable car so that the young man had the time to make his proposal, that was all fine! And so if it’s possible, then we should do it. Let’s give these passengers a beautiful moment of mobility. That’s what I said to myself, and that’s what I did.

“I’ll never forget the image of this cabin of romance suspended 80 metres above me. When my hand moved the speed potentiometer to slow down the cabin, I put myself in their shoes.

“It doesn’t matter how many times I do it, I love telling this story. Even the media asked me about it.

And if it was as simple as that, mobility solutions of the future? More enjoyable forms of transport.

‘You know what I’m curious to see now? The ideas this story will give other passengers on our networks around the world!”


Caroline T.,
Cable Car Operator in Brest

More about the Brest cable car

Employees at Keolis share the same values: We Imagine, We Care, We Commit. These values promote our approach and the key principles that guide our activities and behaviour.

A pioneer in shared mobility, Keolis places passengers at the heart of its service design and performance-focused approach, to provide customer satisfaction to millions of passengers every day. That’s what we did with the first urban cable car in France launched in Brest in November 2016. The cable car proved to be immensely popular, with passenger numbers several months ahead of initial forecasts: 700,000 trips in the first 12 months of operation. All that without encroaching the market share of the tram: on the contrary, it has encouraged people to adopt the ’public transport reflex’.

Keolis operates Brest transport network until 30th June 2019.


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